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Got a hair cut in NZ, first time. I am feeling lighter (and where is my cigarettes?) Hahaha.

Sandwich from boss, for all staffs. Yums….

I woke up at 7am to buy beers. Beeeeeeers….

"Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."

- Hans Christian Andersen (via flowerpowerintherain)

Renowned street artist Paulo Ito’s powerful anti-FIFA mural at a school in Sao Paulo, Brazil illustrates the nations growing discontent with money spent hosting the World Cup. (Source: tumblr)

First step to be fearless is to be fearless to try new thing, like doodling, like new app, like laughing at my lousy drawing. I can draw, I just can’t draw well.

He refuses to take selfie with Ultraman, ya, lots of Ultraman, the gift from my brother who just came back from Japan and he forgot to buy the monsters, how to fight like that? These Ultramans will be bored lo! But this naughty boy is the big monster in the family. Haha.

See a heart shape cloud? Have a lovely day everyone! #notsomabuktrip #jalanjalanpd

Lesson learned: If you lock yourself in the bathroom, make sure you know how to unlock it. This naughty boy locked himself in the bathroom, was crying for help to let him out. After his mom saved him, he was punished to stand infront of the main wall for few minutes. Grandpa was looking at him, feeling helpless. The naughty boy was holding his tear because he doesn’t want to stand infront the wall any longer, he knows his mama doesn’t like it anymore, crying won’t save him. #funnyfamilystories

"Goodminton" again. Let all the sweat come out before I get frozen.

The world is so big, this girl is so small, and this big backpack gonna fit in all - this little girl, this world, the priceless experience and meeting strangers. It gonna cost more than what it costs. And this girl gonna prove it right. #talkingnonsenseagain

There is no reason not to follow your heart.

阿母送儿子飞机。Mom and son.

His new buddy, his forever hero. Happy 3rd birthday! #giftfromgrandpa